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Arawelo Boutique was founded to empower every woman to look her best with affordable, high quality and elegant clothes.

Based in London and seeking out the very best from international designers, we offer women an expertly curated selection of dresses to feel confident and look smart for any occasion.

"I’ve been into design, fashion and beauty since before I can remember. Growing up in a family of 8 girls, I watched my mother designing and creating outfits for all of us when clothes were too expensive to buy. And later, while working in luxury fashion retail and beauty, I got to be around the work of top designers and developed my instinct and passion for quality. It was while searching for dresses for a wedding that I became frustrated by the lack of choice and style available. I decided this had to change – and so I founded my own boutique, for women who want to feel confident and elegant. no matter what the occasion. Every detail is considered, from the stitching to the fit and the material, to make sure that each design is right." 

Women should feel empowered to be the best version of themselves and this is possible through the clothes we wear and the thoughts we share - that’s what inspired the name Arawelo.


Shop our range of dresses and accessories, or even contact us for a fitting in our London office.
I hope you enjoy your shopping experience


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